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⛰ Nature Connection

📍 Seattle + Bellingham in WA, USA
Join us for an epic adventure through sprawling trees, water carved creek beds, sandstone boulder strewn beaches and alpine meadows, lakes and snowfields.

Relax with us in the world famous Sunray Shire, a mecca of natural building, complete with tree houses, creek fed ponds, and a wood fired sauna.

EMP Mindfulness
EMP Nature Connection


🤸‍♀️ Meaningful Movement

Evolve Move Play is a self cultivation practice combining the 4 Movement Pillars with Mindfulness, Nature connection and Community.

If you can walk or run, you’re ready for us! We’ve had students from their teens through their 70’s join our retreats and have a blast.

Some of the students you see in our videos learned these amazing movements while training with us. This seminar is for all movement backgrounds whether you’re an elite athlete, coach, or just getting started.

🥙 Community Practices

We form our identities in relationships with other people, but our modern society has lost this connection.

Deepen your emotional and social regulation in the laboratory of movement. Share in local organic meals. Embody the heroic person you were always meant to be.

EMP Community Practices

And So Much More...

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Return to the Source

⛰Summer 2020
🕰Length: 8 days
: July 30 - Aug 6


Awaken Your Movement

Spring 2020
🕰Length: 4 days
📅Event: May 14-17
Early Bird ending: March 19

Autumn Adventure

Fall 2020
🕰Length: 4 days
📅Event: Oct 1-4
Early Bird ending: March 30

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"My Evolve Move Play experience was as profound as it was wildly playful 😁
felt new parts of myself come alive as we moved through trees, over ground and rocks, and with each other. It was so exhilarating! That weekend was truly a pinnacle of joy and deep connection to the earth and tribe." - Caitlin M.

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