9 Natural Movement Games to Make Your Practice More Fun, Effective and Alive

Even if you’re Just Getting Started 
+ have ZERO Movement Skills or are looking to (Scale Your Training with Progressions)



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Play the 9 Best Games to Make Your Movement More Alive…

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Become the Most Adaptive Athlete by Making your Central Focus also the Most Fun...

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Discover the 7 Primary Types of Movement Play (+ Managing your Experience)...

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How to effectively scale games for a (safe and enjoyable progression)...

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PLUS: Implementing a Play-Based Practice
And MUCH, much more…

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About Rafe

Founder of Evolve Move Play, Author of the "Games Guidebook"

Rafe Kelley | Founder of Evolve Move Play

Rafe Kelley is the Founder of Evolve Move Play and the first teacher in the parkour industry to develop a method to specifically address aliveness; incorporating open skill training, chase, reaching, evading and escaping and integrating parkour with martial arts since 2009. 

Rafe is asked to teach all over the world and across the US, from Australia to Denmark, and China to Spain. 

Evolve Move Play helps students cultivate the best version of themselves through practices of movement, mindfulness, nature connection and community. We reconnect to the most meaningful aspects of life to cultivate our character via podcasts, online courses, and retreats. 

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Became a more adaptable, joyful, capable human, and experience the flow state through the power of natural movement games.